Our research interests include combinatorial, differential and algebraic geometry and topology. We use representation theory to connect with number theory and physics. More details here

Video of talk at ICMP 2021: Explicit Hitchin system on Lagrangians

Paper into ICM 2022 Proceedings: Enhanced mirror symmetry for Langlands dual Hitchin systems

Recent paper in Inventiones: Hausel, Hitchin: Very stable Higgs bundles, equivariant multiplicity and mirror symmetry

Recent paper by intern: Shon Ngo: GL(n)-structure and principal sl(2)-triple on the cohomology ring of complex Grassmannian

Recent research lecture: Hitchin map as spectrum of equivariant cohomology, Perimeter Institute

Recent popular lecture: 
Magic Pictures about mirror symmetry for Langlands dual Higgs bundles, IST 4th year Colloquium

Recent research lecture: 
Mirror symmetry for Langlands dual Higgs bundles at the tip of the nilpotent cone, WHCGP

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